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How It Works


A quick summary of How it works, from when you first get in touch until you receive your edited images, including how to book a session, what to expect on the day, etc.

You will also find further information on the most commonly asked questions in the FAQ section of this page. If you still have questions or you just prefer to talk, feel free to get in touch.

How It Works



Make an enquiry with me, either via the website or email at


Receive your booklet

After the deposit is paid, you will receive an email with a Booklet, detailing all the things you might need to prepare for your session and lots of handy tips on what to wear on the day, etc. 


Your online gallery

After the session, I will begin work on your photos and have your online gallery ready with the best images from your session within about 7 days.


All yours

Once you have made those all-important decisions, you can download your digital images from the gallery. 


Book and deposit

We find a date suitable for both of us and a %20 deposit is paid to secure your session.


The photo shoot

This is the day of your photo shoot in my studio! This is also when your final payment is required. 


Your selection

You can view your gorgeous gallery at home, take the time to select your favourite images, and decide whether you would like additional images.

Before you make your final selections, you can request for specific edits.

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